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Apr 18 2024

Why Use Self-Storage for Business Warehousing?

From small start-ups to booming online businesses and retail stores, each and every business you come across will require storage to manage inventory, confidential documents or business equipment. Whether you are just beginning your own small business or are an established company searching for smart storage solutions, this article delves into the benefits self-storage can provide businesses.

Commercial self-storage is cost-effective

Unlike warehouses and fulfilment centres which can quickly become an expensive endeavour, commercial self-storage is a much more affordable option. Often leasing or purchasing a commercial space can be difficult to manage as it comes with a variety of overhead costs such as purchase price, property taxes, utility fees and ongoing maintenance fees.

Self-storage, however, is perfect for minimising business expenses as the only fee you are paying is for your specific storage space. On top of this, businesses are not required to sign a long lease, pay a bond or go through an extensive approval process for a self-storage space.

Commercial self-storage is flexible

Commercial self-storage gives businesses flexibility and freedom with no lock-in contracts. This means your business can choose to end their contract or extend their contract whenever necessary. The business will simply choose a short-term storage or long-term storage option and scale based on need which can lower the cost of storage for the company.

A flexible self-storage space is a particularly attractive option for seasonal businesses such as Christmas stores, retail stores, pop-up shops and more. This is because their stock levels will rise and fall depending on their peak periods. Self-storage provides these businesses with a simple inventory management solution for excess stock. It is also an effective option for temporary business needs such as office renovation, office relocation and special events.

Commercial self-storage is convenient

Self-storage facilities are conveniently located across the state or country close to where the business operates. This means businesses can easily store inventory in a variety of locations that are close to stores, offices or dispatch centres. Making it quicker and easier to access stored inventory or run an inventory warehouse from a self-storage unit. From an operational standpoint, conveniently located self-storage facilities can also help to streamline logistics and reduce transportation costs.

On top of this, self-storage facilities are open much longer than your typical 9 to 5 and have extended business trading hours. This means businesses will always be able to access their stock or stored goods, even outside of traditional business hours.

Commercial self-storage is scalable

As business needs grow, commercial self-storage allows businesses to scale their storage space up or down. Businesses can choose to rent additional storage units or move into a larger storage space to suit their needs. This means the business is not restricted by property size or a fixed lease and has the fluidity to move with the ebbs and flows of demand.

Commercial self-storage is secure

A top priority of self-storage facilities is security which provides businesses with peace of mind their stored items or inventory are safe and secure. At Loxon Storage, and other self-storage facilities there is always a multi-level security system in place with unique PIN-code gate access, security cameras, onsite managers, individual unit locks and more.

Commercial self-storage for inventory management

Self-storage can also serve as an extension of the business for inventory management. The self-storage space can be used to store excess stock, seasonal items, promotional material, archived documents, confidential client information and more without cluttering an office or retail floor.

Streamline resources and maximise cost efficiencies with Loxon Storage

If your business is searching for the best storage option or inventory management solution, be sure to get in touch with the experienced Loxon Storage team. Simply find your nearest Loxon Storage location and speak with our facility manager to learn more about whether self-storage is right for your business. Or contact us online today to recieve more information.

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