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If you are looking for a new home for your car that you no longer regularly use, then it may be time to investigate getting a car storage unit. Whether you are going overseas for a while, need somewhere to store your luxury car, or just no longer drive around anymore, finding a secure place to store your vehicle is incredibly important.

Loxon Storage facilities offer units that are car accessible that you can use to store your cars, trailers, and boats. For an affordable price you can leave your vehicle for days, or even years, in a secure and accessible environment while allowing you the peace of mind you deserve.

If you are left wondering, can a car even fit in a storage unit? Then you will be glad to know that our storage facilities offer a wide range of sizes that can fit even large 4WD cars. You can relax knowing your pride and joy is safe at our place.

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Car storage

Why get car storage?

At Fort Storage our customers have a range of reasons why they look to us for car storage.

One of the most common reasons customers use car storage is to protect their pride and joy from external elements such as rain, hail and debris. As the weather in Queensland can often be unpredictable, one thing you can be sure of is that your car will be safe and secure in one of our many locations throughout Queensland. Using secure car storage ensures that your car is well protected, whether you’re going away for a long vacation or temporarily relocating, whatever your reason we’ve got you covered.

Another common reason our customers use car storage is how cost effective it can actually be. Not only do you get the comfort of knowing your car is well looked after, your insurer may reduce your premium if you are storing your vehicle in a secure storage unit, so the total costs may actually be cheaper than you think.

Of course, choosing a secure car storage solution keeps your vehicle safe from theft or vandalism, which could occur if left outdoors or in public parking. At Loxon Storage, our facilities are secured with 24/7 CCTV, pin-coded gate access and on-site managers for a multi-layered security system. Security is one of our top priorities, so you can rest assured knowing your car is safe with Loxon Storage.

Loxon Storage is an easy, secure, and affordable way to store your car or ute. For storage enquiries contact us today or locate your closest facility.

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Preparing your car for long term storage

If you plan on leaving your car in storage for more than a month it is important that you prepare it properly to ensure it continues to run smoothly once it is back on the road. The first thing you can do is ensure your car is appropriately clean before leaving it in a confined space. Otherwise, the smell may be hard to get rid of and debris can cause permanent damage to the paint work on your car.

It is also important to take care of the car mechanics by lubricating the bonnet, boot and door seals, cracking the windows for ventilation, replacing the oil and coolant, adding engine oil to the cylinders, leave minimal fuel in the tank, placing a rag into the intake and exhaust pipes to protect from bugs, and placing rags between the windscreen wiper and windscreen to avoid sticking and marks.

Once you have driven into the storage unit you need to put your car into park and either use a tire stopper to prevent it from moving or alternatively remove your tires altogether. Use oil drip trays or thick cardboard under the car to catch any oil leaking onto the concrete. Engaging the hand brake for long periods of time can cause it to fuse, so it is best to leave it disengaged – so long as you properly prevent the car from moving with other methods. The last step you should consider is removing your car battery so that it does not drain, at a minimum it should be disconnected.


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