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Need a space to store your caravan or trailer? Whether you’re an avid caravan adventurer or motorhome enthusiast, keep your driveway clear and your neighbours happy by keeping your caravan or camping trailer safe at our place.

At Loxon, we understand due to the sheer size of some caravans and trailers it’s not always an option to store your recreational vehicle on the street. All Loxon storage facilities are clean, safe, and affordable, with every location offering quality care for your prized possessions.

Our facilities also offer a range of secure spaces from open-air storage, shade sail, or undercover shed storage based on your exact needs and requirements. Store your caravan or trailer with confidence at a Loxon facility near you.

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Why use caravan and trailer storage?

High-Level Security

One of the most beneficial aspects of choosing caravan storage and trailer storage is the level of security it provides against theft and vandalism. In Australia, there are an average of 400 to 600 caravans stolen each year. Choosing to use caravan storage keeps your motorhome safe and secure from harm’s way. After all, your caravan or trailer is a valuable asset, so it’s important to ensure it’s protected!

Less Maintenance

Choosing a caravan storage or trailer storage solution can also protect your vehicle against the elements such as UV damage, hailstones, fallen branches, dust and debris. This is particularly important for caravans as if they are exposed to the elements, it can decrease the aesthetic appearance of the vehicle, as well as the performance of the caravan.

Utilising a secure Loxon caravan storage and trailer storage facility can maximise the life of your vehicle. At each Loxon location, we offer indoor and outdoor trailer and caravan storage spaces to choose from, depending on your needs and requirements.

Free Up Space

Parking your trailer or caravan is often a challenge in inner-city suburbs or on residential streets, as it can often be difficult to fit within your property boundaries due to its size.

Caravan storage and trailer storage can free up a ton of space at your home, whether it’s the front lawn, backyard, driveway, garage, or on-street parking. Forget having to squeeze your car beside the caravan in the garage or rushing to find an open space on the street upon your trip’s return. Relax with the confidence your prized possession is safely stored at our place.

Lower Insurance

Some insurers offer lower premiums if you choose to store your caravan in a professional storage unit. So be sure to check in with your insurer if this is an option available to you.

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Why use Loxon Caravan and Trailer Storage?

Loxon Caravan Storage & Trailer Storage offers the best in storage solutions for your motorhomes, caravans, trailers, and camping trailers. With over 20 locations available across Queensland, you are sure to find a site that is nearby and convenient to access your prized possessions.

At Loxon, we understand trailers and caravans are expensive assets and require the best in safety and security. All our facilities feature a multi-layered security system with 24/7 CCTV surveillance, PIN-coded gate access, security lighting, electronic gates, and on-site management. This ensures your caravan or trailer is kept safe and sound at our place.

On top of our cutting-edge security systems, our Fort Know caravan storage and trailer storage facilities are also easily accessible. We know some of the best adventures and trips start in the early morning or late into the night. That’s why we can arrange 24/7 access to your caravan or trailer, so you can retrieve your vehicle when you need it most.

Depending on your storage needs, our sites also offer open-air storage, shade sail or undercover shed storage. So, you can fully customise a storage style that works best for your vehicle. If you are unsure about what option suits you, our friendly team of storage specialists are always available to help. To learn more, simply contact our team and receive a free quote today.


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