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Need somewhere to keep your boat or jet ski? Whether you’re a keen fisherman or a weekend wakeboarder, Loxon’s dry boat storage is affordable, secure, and convenient. We understand while your boat might be your valued prized possession, it is not always viable to keep them on your property. Due to their large size and expensive upkeep, parking your boat on the street or in your driveway could cause more harm than good.

With boat storage solutions throughout Queensland, we have undercover outdoor and indoor spaces to store vessels of all shapes and sizes. There’s always space at our place until you’re ready for your next voyage!

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Boat Storage

Why use boat storage?

Free Up Space

There are several benefits to using a boat storage facility. As boats are such large pieces of watercraft, they tend to take up the entire driveway or street front if kept on your personal property. Not only does boat storage eliminate this eyesore to increase your home’s street appeal, but it also reduces the risk of receiving a violation or fine as a result of street parking.

Less Maintenance

Placing your boat into storage also minimises the need for regular cleaning and detailing of your vessel. Dry boat storage also protects your vessel from environmental damage by protecting the boat from deterioration by sun exposure, dust, and mould. If a boat is stored safely high and dry, this preserves the value of your watercraft and limits how dirty your boat may get if kept in the water or on the street.

Safe & Secure

Using a boat storage facility also eliminates the risk of vandalism or theft of your watercraft. If your boat remains on your street or moored to a local dock, you run the risk of it being vandalised or being stolen. Keeping your boat safely secured in a Loxon facility gives you the peace of mind your boat is protected. All our boat storage units feature 24/7 CCTV surveillance, PIN coded gate access, and an on-site manager.

Environmentally Friendly

Did you know utilising boat storage is good for the environment? Keeping your boat moored in the water over time can result in the expulsion of oils, fuel or sewerage leaking into local waterways.

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Why use Loxon Boat Storage?

Loxon Boat Storage provides the best boat storage facility for your vessels and personal watercraft. With over 20 locations across Queensland, there is boat storage near you to suit your needs. So, you don’t have to worry about travelling out of your way to access your prized possessions. Another cost-efficient option is to pick a Loxon location closest to your favourite boat ramp, so you can save fuel and time in setting off on your next voyage!

We also understand boats are an expensive asset to own and as such require the utmost in security and surveillance. Across every Loxon boat storage facility, we employ a multi-level security system to keep your vessel safe and sound. Each of our locations features 24/7 CCTV, PIN-coded gate access, on-site management and more. This aims to ensure your boat is always protected and well-looked after.

Not only are Loxon boat storage facilities secure and convenient, but they are also easily accessible. With flexible early morning and evening operating hours, you will be able to find a time that suits you to visit your boat. As we understand boat voyages can sometimes leave at first light, we can also arrange 24/7 access with your Loxon team so you can grab your boat and go when you need to.

At Loxon, we provide a range of boat storage options, from large indoor spaces to smaller private self-storage units, so there is always something to suit your needs. Contact our team and receive a free quote today.

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