Jul 13 2022

Tips For Moving In The Rain

We know moving is already a stressful and inconvenient experience. Wet weather and rain only makes this experience of moving more difficult. In a tropical climate like Queensland, wet weather throughout the year is not uncommon.

Rain threatens to damage your furniture and belongings if they have not been safely stored. To make matters worse, removalists might cancel. With so many factors beyond your control, taking the time to prepare for your move can help you handle poor weather conditions.

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Planning The Move

We recommend creating a plan to prepare for the day and ensure it can run smoothly and efficiently.
By keeping an eye on the conditions in your area, from events, traffic and weather, you can set yourself up for success. In cases where a moving day coincides with wet weather, there are a few key steps to take to support you, your safety and your belongings.

  • Monitor the weather forecast leading up to your moving day so you can know when the rain will be at its worst and what to expect from the conditions of the days following.
  • Easy access to the right moving attire for these weather conditions can help keep you safe throughout a rainy moving day. We recommend making sure they have not already been packed.
  • Waterproofing techniques can help minimise the effect of wet weather. Water damage can damage your belongings, and simple steps in the packing process can help make sure these items arrive at their new location in good condition.

Packing Materials

Quality and durable materials can help your items get from location to location, despite the weather. Plastic garbage bags and plastic wraps can be used to protect items and tape can reinforce cardboard boxes. In the case of more severe weather, we would suggest opting for plastic storage boxes. Plastic will help prevent moisture from getting into your moving boxes. Plastic tarps, towels and pop-shelters can also help protect items from the rain. Explore our Box Shop to find the materials and tools you need.

What To Expect

Of course, it is hard to accurately predict the circumstances of wet weather days. But, for most mild to severe rainy days, there will always be some issues to expect.

  • Traffic will usually be worse in the rain, making the moving from one place to another less convenient. This can also delay removalists and impact the overall itinerary of the day.
  • Flash flooding can impact roads and properties if you are moving in torrential rain. In those instances, it is important to follow the advice of authorities.
  • Wet weather will mean an increase of mud and does run the risk of causing muddy flooring or puddles throughout your new and old home. Be sure to keep cleaning supplies easy to access to avoid messes and clean once you have arrived.

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Tips For Wet Weather Moving Day

Whilst preparation and planning will be key, we know sometimes you will just have to do your move in unexpected rain. When moving your belongings into a storage unit or a new property, our moving advice wants to keep you and your belongings safe.

  • Lift belongings and boxes carefully with a solid grip. Wet weather will leave items and flooring slippery, making it more difficult to keep this strong grip.
  • Wrapping and packaging items effectively is always important for moving and storing belongings. Garbage bags are a great way to make make-shift covers for your items if you have been met with rain unexpectedly.
  • Prepping the spaces you will be moving in and out of throughout the day can help reduce the risk of slips and falls. Line entryways and paths with tarps, blankets and towels to reduce risks of slips and falls. Keep towels around to wipe down any boxes, shoes, and wet spots throughout the move.
  • If you know your movers are going to be exposed to the rain and get wet, an assembly line with dedicated wet movers and dry movers will limit the amount of water tracked through the house.
  • After you have moved, it is very important to dry any damp belongings fully before they become sealed in the storage unit or unpacked. Any moisture will increase the risk of mould and damage to your valued items.

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