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Jun 14 2024

The Essential Guide to Storage for Startup Businesses & Entrepeneurs

Going out on your own and making the decision to start a business although exciting, also comes with many challenges. One of the key logistical challenges that many start-up businesses or entrepreneurs face, is choosing the space to run their business from and managing this space efficiently. Whether you are operating from a home office or small storefront, having adequate storage can significantly impact how your business operates.

The team at Loxon are storage experts with decades of experience under our belts. We know a thing or two about storing inventory and the benefits of running small businesses from self-storage units. Read our storage guide for start-up businesses and entrepreneurs below and learn about how storage units can be a helpful resource.

The Importance of Storage For Start-up Businesses

1. Space Optimisation

Limited space can prevent your business from expanding and reaching its potential. Instead of cluttering your primary work area with inventory, equipment or documents, consider using commercial self-storage units. This allows you to create a functional work environment, to increase the productivity and efficiency of your business. A clutter-free workspace can also allow you and your employees to be more creative!

2. Cost-Effectiveness

Leasing additional office or retail space can be expensive, especially for new businesses. Commercial self-storage units provide a cost-effective solution to storage. At Loxon Storage, we offer flexible rental terms and various unit sizes, so that you can choose a space that fits your business needs and budget.

3. Security

Whether you are a business that deals with sensitive customer information or are concerned about the protection of your assets, choosing a secure space to store your equipment and stock is important. At Loxon Storage, our storage facilities are fitted with 24/7 surveillance cameras and an onsite facility manager to ensure that your valuable business assets are as safe and secure as possible. So you can have peace of mind your belongings are protected at all times.

4. Using Self-Storage Units For Your Start-Up

There is a wide range of items that you may need to store as a start-up business or entrepreneur. For businesses that sell physical products, self-storage units are ideal for inventory management. A commercial self-storage unit can essentially act as an extension of your warehouse to store excess stock and seasonal items.

Even in the digital age, businesses generate significant paperwork, such as contracts and invoices, which need to be stored securely. A Loxon commercial self-storage unit can declutter your workspace but keep documents accessible. In industries like construction or event planning, equipment or supplies may be required on occasion but need to be stored securely day-to-day which can be securely stored in a Loxon self-storage unit.

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How To Choose The Right Business Storage Unit

Assess Your Needs

Before selecting a storage unit, assess what you need to store. This will help you determine the size and type of unit that best suits you.

Consider Accessibility and Security

Choose a storage facility that offers easy, stress-free access to your unit but is also secure. Loxon Storage understands that it is important for business owners to retrieve items frequently which is why we have flexible and convenient access hours that match your business needs. At Loxon Storage, our self-storage facilities have 24-hour surveillance security cameras in place, as well as secure locks and controlled access to the units.

Reduce Risk

At Loxon, our self-storage units are always protected from the elements, so that if you are storing sensitive items such as electronics, documents or stock, they will be safe from weather changes. This helps to protect your belongings from extreme temperatures and humidity.


Start-Up Business Storage Guide Summary

Choosing an effective storage solution plays an important role in the success of your start-up business. By using the self-storage units from Loxon, you can optimise your workspace, manage your inventory efficiently and ensure the security of your belongings.

At Loxon, we offer a range of self-storage units designed to meet the needs of business owners and entrepreneurs. Contact us today to find the right storage solution for your business.


About The Author:

Loxon Storage is a family business that has been operating in the storage industry for decades and has extensive experience in all things storage. Since opening, Loxon Storage has quickly become a trusted source for any storage topic including business storage and commercial storage. Learn more about Loxon Storage by visiting our About Us page.

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