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Jan 6 2021

Pool Servicing & Equipment Storage at Loxon Storage Morningside

When you think of a storage facility, you might not see the immediate connection with local businesses. Here at Loxon Storage Morningside, we do! In our time operating this self storage Morningside facility, we have established many relationships with local businesses. One connection that we are particularly proud of, is with the pool servicing industry.

We have one client who stands out to us. Not just because they are our client, but because we have witnessed their growth in becoming a premiere pool servicing company. We have done this while providing them with excellent self storage facilities for all their pool equipment. Whether it's pool cleaning equipment or bulky safe stores like salt, we have them covered. We store at a low rate per metre. This allows businesses to focus on their business without having to worry about maintaining their own storage facilities.

The Loxon Storage Morningside approach is simple. We want our storage units to be secure, reliable and easily accessed. Our site is protected by a number of security features and our access hours of 5:00am to 9:00pm allows for flexible visits. When it comes to our business customers, we understand that we are storing their business assets and we pride ourselves on keeping them safe whilst working in partnership.

If storage is an area your business is struggling with, then we are here to provide a cost-effective solution for you. Our facility is centrally located in Lytton Road, allowing us to provide support for anyone seeking storage nearby, such as storage Balmoral or storage Hawthorne. Give us a call today at Loxon Storage Morningside on (07) 3186 8427. We look forward to talking to you.

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