Nov 25 2021

Moving Checklist: Our Tips for Moving & Packing Boxes

We all know that moving houses can be stressful, especially if you're moving out for the first time. This is why we have pulled together our comprehensive checklist and tips to help you pack and move stress free.

We've combined everything you need to worry about organising leading up to, and on the day of the big move so this way you can stress less and enjoy what should be an exciting change of scenery!

person packing a box

Leading Up To The Move

For a stress free and seamless occasion, it is helpful to learn who to notify when moving house and do as much preliminary organisation as possible. Here is the complete checklist for everything you need to organise when moving house:

  • ✔ Get an estimate from multiple moving companies to help guide your budget and get the best deal.
  • ✔ Create a budget for your moving expenses to help you decide on whether to hire professional movers.
  • ✔ Request time off work for your moving day.
  • ✔ If you have any fragile items such as pianos, fine art etc. you may need to hire a speciality mover.
  • ✔ Purchase plenty of cardboard boxes, packing tape, markers, bubble wrap and moving supplies.
  • ✔ Create an inventory checklist of your valuables to ensure everything makes it to your destination safely.
  • ✔ Measure all the doorways, stairways and elevators in your new home to ensure everything will fit!
  • ✔ Consider purchasing moving insurance to cover all your belongings during the move.
  • ✔ Confirm the parking options available at your new home for the moving truck as you may need a permit.
  • ✔ Organise with your homeowners or renter's insurance company to update your insurance plan.
  • ✔ Choose an internet provider and organise installation for your new address.
  • ✔ Update your voter registration.
  • ✔ Set up any necessary trash removal and recycling for your new address.
  • ✔ Cancel or transfer any gym memberships.
  • ✔ If you have children, organise a babysitter for the moving day.
  • ✔ If you have pets, organise someone to take care of them on the day as well.
  • ✔ Update your address with all loan providers, banks, and your place of employment.
  • ✔ Transfer your utilities including gas, water, and electric.
  • ✔ Update the address on your drivers' licence and for your car insurance and registration.
  • ✔ Redirect your mail.
  • ✔ If you're renting, organise a cleaner for your current home before inspection.

pile of boxes

Packing Your Belongings

Now that you're all organised and have everything you need, you can start packing all of your belongings so you're ready for moving day! Here are some top tips for how to pack when moving houses:

  • First pack up the rooms you use least often, this way you can get a head start while still living comfortably.
  • Label your moving boxes with their contents and the room they need to go in.
  • Mark any moving boxes that are fragile accordingly.
  • Gather all your financial, legal, and medical records alongside everybody's birth certificates and passports to keep on your person during the move.
  • Unplug your fridge the night before to defrost.
  • Consider if you need a self storage unit for any items you wish to keep but will not fit in your new home.

Moving Day

Now that you've done all your preparation it is time to put your plan into action! We've also provided some tips and tricks to ensure the day goes smoothly:

  • Make sure you protect your floors and carpets during the move, dragging furniture can cause difficult to get rid of scratches and scuff marks on your flooring.
  • Put all overnight boxes, bags, valuables, and records in the car to keep with you.
  • Make sure you do a final clean and check of all cupboards, so you don't leave anything behind.
  • Once your belongings have been moved, make your bed and unpack your toiletries first so you can have a good night's rest and shower before unpacking the rest of your items.

door with key in lock

After The Move

Now that the hard yard is over its time to settle into your new home! Here are a few things to check off once you've moved in:

  • Clean your new home from top to bottom including carpets, windows, kitchen, and bathrooms.
  • Investigate installing a new home security system.
  • Make copies of your new keys.
  • Get unpacking!

What Should You Declutter Before Moving?

When decluttering before moving its important to keep only what you really need. You can achieve this by segregating your belongings one room at a time into "yes", "maybe", and "no" piles. From this you can set aside your "yes" pile for packing, your "no" pile for donations or disposal, and return to your "maybe" pile the next day after you've really considered if you need those items. If you come back to your "maybe" pile and you really aren't sure what to do, consider renting a self storage unit to ensure you don't experience any post throw away remorse.

The first thing to declutter can often be accumulated paper and documents, as its easy to accumulate things like user manuals, receipts, etc. These can take a while to go through but certainly aren't worth moving with you to your new place.

person unpacking box

Where Can I Buy Boxes For Moving House?

Check in with your local Loxon Storage location to browse their range of affordable quality boxes and packing materials.

Looking For Extra Space?

If you have extra belongings to store long term or short term during the move, consider a self storage unit at Loxon Storage.

Loxon Storage is an easy, secure, and affordable solution to store all your precious items. For storage enquiries, contact us today or locate your closest facility.

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