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Dec 16 2020

Loxon Storage Narangba Plumbers

Know someone who works from their car? Always on the road and their car looks like a bomb exploded inside? If you answered yes, we're here to help. We won't do the vacuuming in your car however we do have clean and pest free storage solutions at Loxon Storage Narangba.

Take Plumbers for instance. At Loxon Storage Narangba we help these clients by providing a one-stop self storage Brisbane solution for all their needs. Rather than constantly stopping at different stores and suppliers on the way to jobs, our plumber clients save time and money. They do this by buying their supplies beforehand or when on special, and store them at their storage unit. Their storage unit is their office so to speak. They can organise their work for the day and have exactly what they need in their work vehicle rather than a million things they don't need.

Having what's required for the day's job also decreases your risk of theft. The less supplies and items people see in your vehicle the less chance they may attempt theft. You can be rest assured your business items and livelihood are kept safe and sound at Loxon Storage Narangba. Whether it's your specialty tools, copper tubes, cisterns, PVC piping or taps, they're all important. And your valuables are just as important to us as they are to you.

We'll keep them undercover, under lock and with 24/7 surveillance. You can also access the self storage Brisbane facility from as early as 6:00am in the morning until 9:00pm at night. Conveniently located on Andrew Campbell Drive, Loxon Storage Narangba is an easy stop in if you're looking for storage Petrie or storage Lawnton.

If you're a local plumber in North Brisbane and are looking to streamline business with a cost-effective self storage solution, call us. Loxon Storage Narangba can help. Call us today on (07) 3063 4619 to see what storage solution is best suited to you and your business.

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