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Jan 13 2021

Loxon Storage Mansfield working with the local Roofers

What type of roofing will it be for your home, investment property or commercial property? Metal sheeting roof, metal tile roof, concrete tile roof, clay or terracotta tiles, slate tiles or solar tiles and there are many more options. For Roofing Businesses, the dilemma is where to store these different roof type materials plus the underlay to seal the roof before commencing the project, particularly if everything is delivered way in advance or the project is running behind schedule. This happens and it is normally brought about by the forces of nature.

Leaving the materials at the property is not the safest option, hiring a commercial shed can be costly due to a fixed-term lease agreement or there is the best possible solution of taking out a self storage unit at Loxon Storage Mansfield. We offer flexible and affordable options to suit your business needs. The local roofers around Loxon Storage Mansfield have taken advantage of this and are acquiring storage units to meet their ever-changing business requirements, saving them time and money. We also service a range of businesses from the surrounding suburbs, as we are the number one choice for all local storage, including storage Mt Gravatt and storage Holland Park.

With 7 day access from 6:30am to 6:30pm, roofers can come and go as they please. The Loxon Storage Mansfield site is protected by a number of security features to protect your equipment, tools of trade and materials around the clock. We want you to have peace of mind knowing that your belongings are safe, secure and in a clean and pest free environment.

If you have a Roofing Business and are struggling to find adequate storage space then give us a call here at Loxon Storage Mansfield on (07) 3186 8311. We offer a contactless move into our self storage Mansfield units.

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