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Dec 30 2020

Loxon Storage Coorparoo Is Helping Gardeners Spend More Time Working

Gardening is often considered a hobby however, for some, it is a specialised trade. As with any trade, that means professional gardeners are always travelling with truckloads of equipment. Between the lawnmowers, the whipper snippers, wheelbarrows, buckets and tools of trade, finding space for storage can become a challenge. If you work as a gardener and you have run out of space to store your equipment, consider Loxon Storage Coorparoo.

Here at Loxon Storage Coorparoo, we are experts at helping you store all of your equipment in a safe and convenient manner. Clients can access their units from 5:00am through to 9:00pm, seven days a week, including public holidays. Security is a priority for all Loxon facilities, so we have installed a variety of security measures onsite. We have CCTV and the latest PIN coded entry for your personal security and peace of mind. Your valuables are safe and secure with us.  Customer satisfaction is our number 1 (one) concern, and we haven't failed yet!

At Loxon Storage Coorparoo, we are always happy to help find a storage solution that suits your needs. We offer different unit sizes, allowing individuals to tailor our services to their needs. If you find your needs ever change, you can speak to our friendly and experienced Manager, who will be more than happy to help you.

If you work in the gardening trade and you are finding yourself running out of room in the truck, then Loxon Storage Coorparoo can help. We pride ourselves on working with local businesses, including some from the nearby suburbs, placing us as the number one provider for storage Coorparoo, storage Kangaroo Point, and storage Stones Corner. Our units are all clean, secure, and accessible, and our clients are always left satisfied. If you want to see how our can-do attitude can help you, give us a call on (07) 3186 8349.

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