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Jan 20 2021

Local Plumbing Businesses and Loxon Storage Mansfield, working together

Loxon Storage Mansfield is committed to working with local businesses. They fully appreciate the effort that goes into sustaining a good and profitable business. There are many facets to consider when operating a business, regardless of what you offer. However, there is always one common factor and that is having adequate storage space to help streamline processes and procedures.

This is where Loxon Storage Mansfield adds value by offering self storage at affordable rates. The local plumbing businesses around Mansfield have recognised how much easier it is to store their copious tools of trade and equipment all at one location. Plumbers are consistently busy and travel to many destinations in one given day. They can call into their self storage Mansfield unit between the hours of 6:30am to 6:30pm, 7 days a week and stock up their vans with supplies required for the day's work. That takes the hassle out of carrying too much equipment around needlessly each day. That is such a time saver in itself. Businesses need convenience and flexibility to accommodate their ever-changing environment, particularly if they are mobile. As an indication of our support for mobile businesses, our facility is the market leader in local storage solutions, including storage Holland Park.

More importantly at all Loxon Storage facilities, they offer state of the art security. At the Mansfield site, there are a number of security features in place, which ensures that you have peace of mind knowing your belongings are protected. Plus all the units are clean and pest free!

If your plumbing business could benefit from more storage space to help make life easier, then call the friendly professionals at Loxon Storage Mansfield on (07) 3186 8311. They are waiting to assist you to choose the right self storage unit for your business.

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