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Jan 20 2021

Home Day Care services saving space at Loxon Storage Carrara

Storage at home can be cumbersome and tricky. Boxes piled on top of each other and cupboards stacked to the brim. Add in a home Day Care to the mix and you can say goodbye to your extra storage space or garage!

Home Day Care services are more popular than ever. Especially in areas like Carrara where you will find several home Day Cares. Their daily battle - storage.

Our customers at Loxon Storage Carrara have found our self storage Gold Coast options are not only space-saving but cost effective as well. The local home Day Cares are storing all sorts of items from spare nap time floor mats to cots, high chairs and table sets. They also find the self storage units handy for storing all the different activities and learning resources that are rotated monthly. From space creations, sea life props, book week displays and even seasonal calendar events like Christmas. We remain the number one provider of local storage for surrounding suburbs, including storage Nerang and storage Highland Park.

Boasting a variety of self storage unit sizes with state of the art security systems, to keep all your valuables safe and secure. Open from 6:00am through to 7:00pm every day means that you can grab the items you need for your home Day Care setup either before or after the day. The Loxon Storage Carrara site is even open on public holidays.

If you have run out of space at home storing all your Day Care furniture, activities and learning resources it's time to call Loxon Storage Carrara on (07) 5317 1061. We can help you with affordable and flexible self storage Gold Coast options.

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