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May 23 2024

Do You Need Storage Unit Insurance?

If your moving day is coming up or you are simply planning ahead for your next move, it is important to consider whether you are covered by storage insurance. Or, more importantly, if you require contents insurance in the first place!

At Loxon Storage, we have been operating in the storage industry for decades, and throughout this time we have noticed insurance is a common aspect of storage many people may not consider before moving into a self-storage facility.

So read on to learn everything you need to know about content insurance, before investing in personal storage or commercial storage spaces.

What is contents insurance?

As the saying goes if it is worth storing, it is worth insuring! It is likely any items or belongings you are storing in a unit are of value to you, whether sentimental or monetary. So, it is worth investing in contents insurance to ensure your goods are protected whilst in storage and provide you with peace of mind.

Storage contents insurance, also known as home and contents insurance, is a small fee paid to insurers to keep your items covered whilst in storage. This type of insurance can cover a range of things including:

  • Unpredictable events (such as natural disasters)
  • Stolen property
  • Damaged property
  • Lost property

Who needs storage unit insurance?

Contents insurance is an important safeguard to have in place when using self-storage to most effectively protect your belongings or commercial assets. Any person or business needs storage unit insurance if they are choosing to store valuable goods in a unit or shed.

What is covered under self-storage contents insurance?

Typically, personal contents insurance covers domestic and household items such as white goods, electrical appliances, furniture, curtains, important documents, jewellery and more. Whilst commercial contents insurance covers loss or damage to items like business equipment, plant and machinery, records, office furniture, appliances, computers, technology, white goods and more. Be sure to check with your insurer what they cover.

Packing boxes and furniture wrapped and ready for storage

What are the types of self-storage contents insurance available to me?

There are three main ways you can get contents insurance to cover the belongings you are planning to put into storage.

Standalone self-storage contents insurance:

The first option for personal or business contents insurance is to take out a new policy on the contents in your storage unit with an independent supplier. This policy would be a standalone policy and only covers the contents in your storage unit, which is a popular option for businesses.

Combined storage contents insurance policy:

If you already have home and contents insurance for your property or business, talk to your supplier about whether your existing policy would cover items in a secure self-storage facility. This is particularly an easy option for personal storage, as individuals may already have an insurance policy covering their home, rental property or commercial space.

Self-funded storage contents insurance:

If you do not wish to go through an insurance provider and believe your items will be safe in storage with a trusted provider such as Loxon Storage, you can choose to self-insure. This means you will cover any loss or damage or stored goods yourself and will have no claim against the self-storage facility if your goods are damaged.

How much are my goods covered for with self-storage contents insurance?

The amount your goods are covered for will depend on the insurance policy you have selected. Already have an insurance policy? To determine how much your existing policy covers, be sure to read the product disclosure statement.

At Loxon Storage, our facilities have a multi-level security system with CCTV cameras, onsite managers, unique PIN-code gates, and unique locks on each unit. Whilst our facilities are all maintained to the highest standards of safety and security protocols, we encourage you to invest in insurance for your stored goods for that extra peace of mind. All goods in storage are stored at the risk of the owner.


Whether you are moving in the next day, week or month, it is important to research your storage contents insurance before moving in. Simply choose your provider and insurance type and get covered today, then get prepared to move into your storage unit!

Loxon Storage has a variety of clean, secure and affordable storage units across Queensland to suit any personal or business need. Get your free online quote today to store smarter with Loxon.


About The Author:

Loxon Storage is a family business that has been operating in the storage industry for decades and has extensive experience in all things storage. Since its inception, Loxon Storage has become a trusted source for any storage topic including contents insurance. Learn more about Loxon Storage by visiting our About Us page.

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