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Dec 2 2020

DJ Equipment Storage at Loxon Storage Gladstone

There is no one-step approach when working with other businesses. Here at Loxon Storage Gladstone, we have taken that on board. By working alongside clients to get the best storage for their needs, it has helped us grow as a business at our self storage Gladstone facility.

That same approach has in turn helped some other local businesses. A DJ business local to the area needed help with storing equipment. They came to Loxon Storage Gladstone for a solution, and that was the start of a successful business relationship.

Our client's business was thriving. As it grew, so did their necessary equipment. This produced a problem though. Without any effective storage ideas in place, sound and lighting equipment was cluttering staff homes during downtime. This is where Loxon Storage Gladstone came in.

With DJ gigs, the business hours don't always fit in with normal business hours. It was important that they found a storage solution that accommodated that. By working together with Loxon Storage Gladstone, we made it work.

Now - they have the potential to store any DJ equipment they may need. They also have easy access to it when it's required. And when it's not needed, they know that Loxon Storage Gladstone is keeping it secure.

What started as a low cost 9x3 storage unit, turned into long-term agreements for multiple units while still maintaining that low cost. As the business grew, Loxon Storage Gladstone has been able to provide the necessary storage for their DJ equipment without hesitation.

Here at Loxon Storage Gladstone, we love to work with our business clients to make sure their needs are met. We'll give you peace of mind that your DJ equipment is securely stored and available when you need it. Even if you operate a business in the surrounding area, we can help provide storage solutions to anyone seeking storage Barney Point or storage Glen Eden. Give us a call today (07) 4839 7441 to get a conversation started on how we can help you.

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