Nov 11 2021

Everything You Need To Know About Motorcycle Storage

If you are looking for a new home away from home for your precious motorcycle that you no longer regularly use, then it may be time to investigate finding a place for long term storage.

Whether you're heading overseas, don't use your motorbike much in winter, or simply just aren't ready to say goodbye, preparing your motorcycle for storage correctly is incredibly important. Follow our comprehensive guide to make sure your motorbike stays in tip-top condition while in storage.

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1. Thoroughly Clean Your Motorcycle

If you plan on leaving your motorcycle in storage for more than a month it is important you prepare it appropriately to ensure it can run smoothly once it is ready for action. The first thing you need to ensure is that it is completely clean before you store it. Otherwise, any dust or debris left behind can cause permanent damage to your paint work and any smells on your seat will be incredibly difficult to remove. After thoroughly rinsing and washing, leave your motorcycle in the sun to ensure it is completely dry before securing it in any confined space.

2. Change Your Oil

Now that your bike is clean, it is time to take care of some more mechanical aspects. It is best practice to replace your engine oil, as your motor oil acts as both a lubricant and to help the filtration system of the motorcycle. Therefore, it is important before storage to empty and replace any used oil, as dirty motor oil will create carbon that is suspended within it and will later rise to the surface causing excessive corrosion and etching on soft metal components (e.g., transmission gears and bearings).

3. Empty Your Fuel Tank

While you are changing the oil, you may be wondering if you should store your motorcycle with a full tank of fuel. A full tank of fuel is a risk of fire or leakage and is prohibited in a storage facility, so you will be required to empty the tank before storing.

4. Unplug The Batteries

We also recommend that you unplug the batteries of your motorcycle prior to storage to remove any potential hazards and acid leakage. Unplugging your battery is an important way to keep your motorcycle safe and keep it from draining.

5. Consider Your Tires

Leaving your motorcycle in the one spot for prolonged periods of time with its weight completely dependent in the same area can cause the development of a permanent flat spot on your tires. This can be prevented by purchasing a service stand to leave your motorbike on, or alternatively over inflating the tires slightly.

It is also a good idea to move your motorcycle every now and again so that the tires do not stay in the exact same position for too long.

6. Cover Your Motorcycle

Covering your motorcycle will safeguard its paint and body from dust along with minimising moisture build up that can contribute to corrosion and rust.

To keep rodents and insects out of your air filters and exhaust pipes ensure you cover up the air intake and exhaust openings with plastic bags or motorcycle exhaust plugs. It is also important to remember not to leave any electrical sockets open that might be permeated by water.

So, Can I Put My Motorcycle In A Storage Unit?

So where can you store your motorcycle that isn't running? Storage facilities often offer units that are easily accessed by cars and motorbikes for when you aren't using your vehicle. Storage units are the ideal location for keeping your motorcycle safe, secure, and ready to run smoothly again when the time comes.

Loxon Storage is an easy, secure, and affordable way to store your motorcycle or scooter. For storage enquiries contact us today or locate your closest facility.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to store a motorcycle outside?

It is not recommended to store a motorcycle outside due to potential for elemental damage. It is instead suggested that a storage unit be used to properly avoid moisture, humidity, pests, and any other dangers.

How do you store a motorcycle without a garage?

If you do not have a garage to store your motorcycle in, it is recommended that you instead use a safe and secure vehicle accessible storage facility. You will be able to access your motorcycle as frequently as you please while keeping peace of mind that it is safe from any outside dangers.

How much does it cost to put a motorcycle in storage?

Motorcycle suitable storage units at Loxon Storage are paid per calendar month to make it more cost effective for customers. The monthly cost for a unit depends on the unit size, location of the storage facility, and the level of plan chosen.

How often should you start your motorcycle?

It is recommended that you start your motorcycle once a week and take it for a ride to circulate the oil around and keep all the important parts moving. Getting the engine heated will burn off any internal condensation as well as circulating the coolant which is very important for the bike's mechanics.

How long can a motorcycle sit without starting?

Though it is recommended that you start your motorcycle once a week to keep everything in the engine running smoothly, it should certainly not be left to sit without starting for any longer than one month.

Can I work on my motorcycle in my storage unit?

You are not usually permitted to work on your motorcycle while it is being stored in a unit. Vehicle storage is intended for your vehicles that you would like to keep but have no place to store, as opposed to a workshop space. For more details on what is permitted inside your storage unit be sure to contact your local storage manager and enquire regarding requests for any special allowances.

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